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Useful articles

Useful articles

Surveillance system for office building

As video surveillance cameras, we chose analog high-resolution AHD cameras made in a street casing, with infrared illumination. AHD data resolution of the cameras is 1280 * 720 pixels, which allows you to get a sharper image, compared to conventional analog cameras with a resolution of up to 800 TV lines.

Video surveillance for home
Wireless video surveillance on the construction site

Specialists of our company have developed and implemented a project of wireless video surveillance for the construction site.


Static, dynamic IP address

Standalone video camera

Our client was asked to organize a video surveillance system.


The consumption of volume, depending on the recording time of the IP camera and the specified video quality ...

3G Video surveillance of the construction site

Telecom-Master specialists successfully implemented the 3G video surveillance project for the construction site.

The customer was tasked with installing a video surveillance system for remote monitoring of construction work at the facility, in real time. The system should be equipped with a drive capable of storing a video recording within 1 month.

3G Video surveillance on transport

At the moment, there is a growing interest in video surveillance in transport. Telecom-Master offers its solution for this field, created on the basis of its own developments and ideas.

The project of video surveillance for the store

Специалисты нашей фирмы успешно реализовали проект видеонаблюдения для магазина, с использованием собственной разработки — IP камеры Яндекс.Диск. Данная система видеонаблюдения идеально подойдет для любых магазинов, автосервисов, складов, мастерских, салонов красоты и других отапливаемых помещений с температурой не ниже +10 градусов Цельсия.

Project of video surveillance for production

Our specialists successfully implemented the project of a video surveillance system for a production complex. The customer was tasked with designing and installing a video surveillance system for the production complex, which should have the following capabilities:

3G Video Surveillance System for Asphalt Pavers

3G video surveillance systems in transport can be very useful for owners of various special equipment both from a security standpoint and from an economic point of view. These systems are strictly individual and can have different versions, which depend not only on the features of the structure and use of equipment, but also on the requirements of the customer.

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