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Explosion-proof cover VRTK - C66 (NS)

The explosion-proof ExdIICT6 casing of stainless steel (316) with heating and operating temperature up to -50 degrees, is not corroded.

72 998 р.
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Explosion protection marking ExdIICT6, material - stainless steel (316)

Explosion-proof thermal housing for CCTV CCTV cameras - C66 (HC) is suitable for CCTV cameras used in fire hazardous and explosive objects, as well as in aggressive environments. This is a universal solution for those who need the highest reliability and protection of a video surveillance system at an adequate price.

The casing is perfect for both analog cameras and IP CCTV cameras with different characteristics and lenses, and thanks to the stainless steel case, the casing is absolutely not corroded.

Areas of use:

Extraction and transportation of oil / gas
Refineries refineries
Chemical plants
Food industry
Medium engineering (nuclear power plants, concentrating plants, etc.)
Defense industry
Energy (TPP, HPP, GRES, boiler house)
Water supply and sewerage
Sea and river transport
Mining industry

Housing material
A type
Temperature conditions
Marking of explosion protection
Protection level
External dimensions
Internal dimensions (working volume)

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