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Surveillance system for office building

One of our regular customers asked us to organize video surveillance around the perimeter of the office building. The need to install this system appeared after several acts of vandalism, namely damage to the facades of the building, the so-called "graffiti". In order to prevent further damage to the facades of the building, as well as to increase the overall level of security, it was decided to install CCTV cameras around the perimeter of the building and the adjacent protected area.

As video surveillance cameras, we chose analog high-resolution AHD cameras made in a street casing, with infrared illumination. AHD data resolution of the cameras is 1280 * 720 pixels, which allows you to get a sharper image, compared to conventional analog cameras with a resolution of up to 800 TV lines.

Along the perimeter of the whole building there are drainpipes that make it difficult to observe the facade of the building, therefore, for those places where the tube interferes with the survey, brackets have been designed and manufactured that allow the camera to be installed some distance from the wall so that the pipes do not obstruct the view.

These brackets are made of metal plates, 4 mm thick and square tube, 25 mm in diameter, which completely eliminates camera shake from the wind.

Some cameras are fixed on the side, the height of which is not sufficient to obtain the required picture, so when using the camera, a special bracket of 2 meters long is used, which is also made of a square-section tube, which avoids the camera's oscillation in the wind. The length of the bracket is sufficient to obtain the required coverage area of the camera


The maximum distance from the camera to the DVR was 75 meters, so we installed passive transceivers of the signal over the twisted pair, which allow us to increase the signal transmission distance to 300 meters. The kit consists of a receiver and a transmitter, which are installed on both sides of the twisted pair, one at the camera and the recorder.

For this video surveillance system, a hybrid video recorder has been selected, capable of operating in several modes, for example supporting simultaneously 4 analog and 4 digital cameras, but in this project we do not need digital cameras and the recorder operates in 16-channel mode, supporting 16 analog AHD CCTV cameras. At the moment, not all CCTV cameras are involved, so the system assumes an increase in the number of cameras, which in future will not allow replacing the recorder, but only add cameras.

To supply voltage to the cameras, pulse power units with an output voltage of 12 V and a current of 6 A are used, a pair of such units allows the load to be distributed from all cameras, with a sufficient power reserve, since each power supply is loaded only by 60-70 percent.

In the guard room there is a monitor, which displays a picture from all cameras in real time. The monitor can also display the image from each camera and magnify the image with the digital zoom. Also, the recorder allows you to make adjustments in such a way that all cameras are constantly displayed on the monitor, and when motion appears in one of them, its image unfolds on the whole screen.

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