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3G Video Surveillance System for Asphalt Pavers

3G video surveillance systems in transport can be very useful for owners of various special equipment both from a security standpoint and from an economic point of view. These systems are strictly individual and can have different versions, which depend not only on the features of the structure and use of equipment, but also on the requirements of the customer.

One of the successful projects of our company is the implementation of a video surveillance system on asphalt pavers.

The customer was tasked with the following task: video surveillance of the vehicle in real time, through a 3G network, with the ability to record video to a remote archive and view images on Apple mobile devices, devices running Android, as well as computers and laptops running Windows.

Our company realized the task on the basis of 3G IP video server Vzor 1 (Megafon was chosen as the mobile operator). The registrar, modem, voltage regulator were installed in sealed boxes.

The system is equipped with an analog camera with a resolution of 700 TV lines, with an IR illumination of 10-15 meters, made in a housing with IP66 IK10 protection. It is installed at the top point of the asphalt paver cabin and is directed forward, covering the loading area and the territory for the dump truck entrance.

Thanks to the presence of a voltage regulator, the system will not fail even at the start of technology in the cold season.

The management of the customer's company (leases this equipment), got the opportunity to monitor the production of works by tenants in the constant mode directly from the phone's screen. Compliance with the rules and regulations for working with equipment.

In case of controversial situations, one can always refer to an archive stored locally on a memory card (on a hardware device) or remotely on a cloud server, for example, Yandex.Disk.

The system turned out to be functional, inexpensive and as simple as possible.

For more stable operation of the 3G modem, the system is equipped with an omni-directional car antenna on a magnetic mount. In the case of using a metal cabinet for placing equipment, such an antenna will allow more stable communication of the modem with the Internet.

Similar systems we can recommend for all companies engaged in the provision of equipment for rent or having their own fleet of vehicles. The installation of a video surveillance system will allow to stop the facts of unauthorized use of technology, reduce the number of thefts, help in the investigation of accidents or disputes among employees or partners.

If you are interested in this 3G video surveillance system, you can contact us for advice by phone, email, online consultant, ICQ or Skype. We are ready to develop a similar system of mobile 3G video surveillance that meets all your needs.


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