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Project of video surveillance for production


Our specialists successfully implemented the project of a video surveillance system for a production complex. The customer was tasked with designing and installing a video surveillance system for the production complex, which should have the following capabilities:


Storage of video material from surveillance cameras for the last 2 months

Remote control of the system and viewing of video materials on the computer and mobile devices

The ability to add cameras as needed

Ability to increase the capacity of the archive

Cyclic overwriting as the archive is full

Given these requirements, we have developed a video surveillance system with the following features:


32 channel hybrid video recorder (21 cameras involved)

Ability to connect up to 5 hard drives to 2TB for storage of materials (3 hard drives installed)

To connect the cameras to the recorder, a copper twisted pair in a corrugated copper

Each camera is equipped with a variofocal lens for the possibility of customizing the angle of view

Street cameras are housed in hermetic housings with heating, able to work in all weather conditions, at temperatures up to -35 degrees Celsius

Power supplies with a capacity of 5A provide stable operation of CCTV cameras

In total, to install this system, we built 1400 meters of cable, installed 21 cameras, 8 of which are street, configured access to the system via the Internet.

You can view the image from the cameras and the video archive of this video surveillance system from the office computer or from a remote computer or mobile devices.

CCTV cameras installed on the street are housed in hermetic housings with IP65 protection and a heating circuit, which allows the cameras to work in all weather conditions, as well as in the temperature range from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius

For the convenience of personnel management and general information on the progress of work in the workplace, the chief's office has an LCD monitor connected directly to the recorder

This video surveillance system was implemented by our specialists in 10 working days. The system is ideal for most production shops, shops, workshops, warehouses and shopping centers.


You can buy a video surveillance system for production at a price of 15,000 rubles

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