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The project of video surveillance for the store

Specialists of our company have successfully implemented a video surveillance project for the store, using its own design - IP camera Yandex.Disk. This video surveillance system is ideal for any shops, car-care centers, warehouses, workshops, beauty salons and other heated rooms with a temperature of at least +10 degrees Celsius.

Using the cloud service Yandex.Disk allows you to store video materials from various objects in one place with easy access to the archive. Thus, this system is ideal for network shops, clubs, car service centers and other premises.

The customer was tasked to equip the store with a video surveillance system that would allow safe operation of the store's employees, and also minimize the amount of theft of the goods in remote, poorly viewed areas of the store. The system must have access from the Internet, to view the images from the cameras in real time. Also, when developing the project, we agreed with the client to create a remote archive on the cloud service Yandex.Disk

As a result, we stopped at 4 Yandex.Disk cameras connected by a twisted pair to the Zyxel router, with an Internet connection via the Yota modem. If you want to implement remote viewing of cameras in real time, the client just connect the service "Static IP" or "Real IP", set up port forwarding on the router or use the DDNS service.

All cameras record videos to the cloudy Yandex.Disk service, while for the convenience of viewing the archive, each camera creates a folder with its serial number, and in it a subfolder with the recording date into which the video files are placed, indicating the recording time. The video is compressed in H.264 format, which allows you to more efficiently consume disk space. Thanks to the cloud service, the client can view the archive of video recordings from virtually any device anywhere in the world. Since the archive is not on the cameras themselves, but on the Internet, viewing it in no way affects the operation of surveillance cameras.

All cameras are mounted under the ceiling, which provides the best view of the room. If necessary, the cameras can be equipped with compatible variofocal lenses to increase the viewing angle or detail of a particular area, for example, the entrance to the store.

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