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Wireless video surveillance on the construction site

Specialists of our company have developed and implemented a project of wireless video surveillance for the construction site.

When developing and implementing a video surveillance project, we took into account the following requirements presented by the customer:

The system should carry out round-the-clock recording of video information with the camera number, date and time, provide information storage up to 30 days
As a video server that performs round-the-clock recording, we used a computer with an Inte Core I5 ​​processor, and preinstalled specialized software. Each camera in the program has its name and serial number, which makes it easy to navigate among a large number of installed cameras. Video server supports the installation of several hard disks, up to 4TB, which allows you to store video for more than 30 days.

The system should provide for the possibility of viewing the current image from the cameras at any time of the day, without interrupting recording from the operator's workplace
The video server software allows the camera operator to display images from all cameras at the same time (up to 81 cameras), while watching live video on the monitor, recording from the cameras is not interrupted. As a backup, you can use the built-in algorithms of the operating system or NAS storage.

The system should provide for the possibility of saving the fragment of interest
Each camera creates a folder on its hard disk with its name, in which there is a subfolder with the date of recording the video. All video files have a name corresponding to the start time of recording, so finding a particular time interval on the record will not be very difficult. A file with an interesting fragment can be copied to an external drive or to another server folder.

It is necessary to promptly search and view the video from a given camera within the specified time interval within the last 30 days
Search and viewing of video recordings from all cameras can be made both from the specialized program, selecting the necessary interval of the date and time, and with the help of an ordinary file manager.

The system should use color surveillance cameras, outdoor versions with IR illumination and heating, cameras resolution of at least 700 TVL
In this project, Vstarcam T7815WIP-H color cameras were used. All cameras are made in a street casing, equipped with a heating circuit and infrared illumination of up to 15 meters. The resolution of the cameras is 1280x720 pixels (HD).

Power supply units of video cameras should have a stabilized output voltage and have a power reserve of at least 30% of the maximum possible load, calculated by the total consumption of electric energy chambers

All power supplies provide an output stabilized voltage of 12V, 1A, the power of the power supply unit is almost 2 times higher than the current required for normal operation of the camera.

Features of the wireless video surveillance system

Since in the construction site it is almost impossible to lay cables for connecting cameras, we have equipped a video surveillance system with wireless equipment, thanks to which all cameras transmit the video image to the server via a secure radio channel. For this, a powerful access point with an omni-directional long-range antenna is used. Each group of cameras has its own directional access point, which provides a stable connection with the distribution point. The location of the main (distributing) access point is determined by the line of sight with the remaining points and is located at a distance from the video server, so the server's connection to the rest of the system provides a radio bridge operating at a frequency of 5 GHz and providing a connection at speeds exceeding 70 MB / s.

An undeniable advantage of the wireless video surveillance system is that when changing the location of cameras or video server, it is enough to reconfigure (adjust) the radio equipment again, without having to reconfigure the whole system. The lack of cables connecting the cameras to the video server will significantly reduce the cost of moving or reconfiguring the system if necessary or changing the conditions for using the video surveillance system.

The cost of a wireless video surveillance system depends on the number and type of cameras, network equipment and video server parameters. The cost of the video surveillance system is from 50,000 rubles.

This system of video surveillance is recommended in those cases where it is impossible to lay cables or video server to be away from the place of installation of CCTV cameras.

If you are interested in this system of wireless video surveillance, you can contact us for advice by phone, email, online consultant, ICQ or Skype. We are ready to develop a similar video surveillance system that meets all your needs.

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