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Wi-Fi relay Sonoff World On RF

WiFi relay to control any electrical appliance, outlet or switch from a smartphone via the Internet.

1 400 р.
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Wi-Fi relay Sonoff World On RF is a smart house in your pocket.

Sonoff World On RF allows you to control any electrical appliance, outlet or switch in your home using a remote (frequency 433 MHz). Also, the relay can be controlled from anywhere in the world where there is Internet. Management via the Internet comes from a smartphone, with the help of a free Russian-language application Ewelink for iOS and Android. The device is able to work both online and on a timer (the ability to support up to 8 timers). Ability to manage an unlimited number of relays from one application. Easy installation and connection does not require special skills.

Functionality and convenience of the application, as well as not the high cost of the device, allows you to become the owner of a smart home to any user!

Operating temperatures
Input voltage
Maximum current
Max power
WiFi Frequency

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