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The ERG / EVNAP 1.5 Binar

Infrared heater 1.5 kW

9 950 р.
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The heater ERG / EVNAP 1.5 Binar is designed for use in residential, public, administrative and domestic premises. And also for heating the inhabited premises not intended for domestic use (country houses, field trailers).

The structural feature of this heater are 2 heating elements:

X-shaped heating element allows the room to quickly warm up to the required temperature
Energy-efficient infrared panel based on high-strength glass, maintaining a comfortable temperature
The heater is controlled by an intelligent thermostat, which is able to keep the room temperature set during a weekly cycle with minimal electricity consumption.


Advantages of IR heaters:

Compared to conventional heating systems, they save electricity by 30-40%;
Positive impact of infrared rays on the body (prevention of influenza and acute respiratory disease, in winter compensating for missing sun rays);
Uniform heating of ceilings and floors in living quarters;
Do not burn oxygen and dust particles in the air, does not create a smell and does not cause a headache, protects from the appearance of dampness;
Are safe from the point of view of ecology, and also ignition and poisoning with carbon monoxide;
Stylish and modern appearance;

Dimensions, mm
Dimensions, mm
The weight
Heating power, W
Temperature slave. surface, C
Supply voltage, V

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