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Standalone video camera

Our client was asked to organize a video surveillance system that satisfies the following points of TK:

The resolution of the video camera must be at least 600 TVL
The camera should be made in a street frost-resistant housing
The camera must be equipped with a rotary mechanism for remote control
The camera must have a minimum of 16x optical zoom
The camera should work in networks of 4G cellular operators
The camera should be able to operate autonomously from batteries, since there may be power interruptions at the facility
The specialists of our company made a trip to the site to clarify some parameters of the video surveillance system, after which it was decided to use a video surveillance system based on 3G 4G video camera Horizon Light (kit kit) .IP module of this camera has a resolution of 650 TVL, which exceeds the resolution declared in the technical task, while the camera is made in a street casing, with the degree of protection IP66, which allows using it in any weather conditions in the North-West region. The camera body is equipped with a heating system and ensures stable operation with a tempera


This cover allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees horizontally and tilt 90 degrees in the vertical direction, which provides the largest coverage area. Since the object is at a significant distance, and also occupies a large area, the camera uses an IP module with 27x optical zoom. This allows you to view individual zones, even if they are away from the camera by 100 meters.

To fully support 4G networks of cellular operators, the camera is complemented by a wireless router located in a heated cabinet for equipment. This router provides stable connection of the camera to the 4G network, and also creates a secure wireless network around the support on which the camera is installed. The presence of this network allows you to configure any component of the system without having to climb to the pedestal with the equipment cabinet.

Since there are interruptions and frequent power outages on the site, this video surveillance system is equipped with a street backup unit, which ensures continuous operation of the camera for several hours.

Battery packs are in a special shade, which ensures their heating when the temperature inside the cabinet decreases.

For more stable communication with the network, the camera is equipped with a directional 4G antenna.

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