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3G Video surveillance of the construction site

Telecom-Master specialists successfully implemented the 3G video surveillance project for the construction site.

The customer was tasked with installing a video surveillance system for remote monitoring of construction work at the facility, in real time. The system should be equipped with a drive capable of storing a video recording within 1 month.

As a video camera, a street dome camera was chosen, equipped with a rotary mechanism, allowing it to rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically (down from the horizon). This camera has its own heating circuit, which will allow it to work under any weather conditions and temperature range from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius. Also, the camera module has a 27x optical zoom. All movable electronic components are hidden under the transparent glass of the plafond, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the camera in an aggressive environment, such as dust, snow, heavy rain, etc.

According to the terms of reference, all equipment should be placed in an electrical room, therefore all the cables of the chamber were lengthened and laid along the wall in the corrugated pipe.

In the place agreed with the customer, there is a cabinet with the equipment:

Video Recorder 1 channel "Vzor"
Wireless 3G-4G Routing Engine
External hard drive
3G modem
Power supplies for camcorder, recorder and router
DVR "Vzor" records video on its own SDHC memory card, for subsequent transfer of video materials to the drive via FTP. Transmission is carried out over a twisted pair within the local network, so the traffic of the cellular operator is not wasted. Also, the DVR allows you to control the camera through the PTZ protocol.

A wireless router with a modem connected to it and an external drive acts as an FTP repository, and also provides system access to the Internet. It is through the FTP server running on the router that the DVR sends video to the hard disk. Flexible port forwarding settings allow remote administration of the router itself, DVR, as well as access to the video archive in real time mode (access to the system is possible with static IP or real IP with DDNS service setting).

Different power supplies ensure the system operation and exclude the failure of the entire system at the same time.

Since the router with the modem connected to it is in a metal cabinet in the room, to stabilize and amplify the signal, a directional 3G antenna is connected to the modem, which is fixed to the wall, outside the building.

This system has the following capabilities:

work through 3G Internet mobile operators
recording video on SD, external storage, FTP server or Yandex.Disk
watching videos online
control the rotation and zoom of the camera through a browser or software
Setting the points of the camera track to cover a large area
possibility of setting the "Home point" for self-adjustment of the camera position in case of a power failure
Configuring the entire system remotely, via the Internet or Wi-Fi
This video surveillance system is suitable for any construction sites, as well as premises, car parks, residential quarters, etc.

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