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3G Video surveillance on transport

When developing the kit, we took into account the following factors necessary for this type of system:





Our solution of video surveillance on transport consists of:


3G-4G LTE video recorder "Vzor-1"

3G, 4G LTE modem

4-channel square

8Gb memory cards

video cameras

The basic cost of a video surveillance kit is 11500 rubles


This price includes the following equipment:


3G-4G LTE video recorder "Vzor-1"

3G modem Huawei

SD Memory Card 8Gb 10 Class

4-channel quad

The following equipment is not included in this price:



Antenna with adapter

Mounting consumables

SIM card

Video cameras should be selected individually, according to the needs of a particular customer. For this system, absolutely any analog video camera is suitable, for example:


case photo 1

minicameras photo 2

domed photo 3



Some camcorders have interchangeable lenses, with which you can significantly change the viewing angle, depending on your needs.


When installing a lens with a focal length of 2.8mm, the camera's angle of view is ~ 90 degrees, which will allow full control of the cab interior or body of the vehicle with just one camera.


Our video surveillance system on transport is able to record information from 4 cameras simultaneously, store video on your own memory card or in the Yandex.Disk cloud. If there is a static IP address, you can view the image from the cameras in real time. The system is powered by an on-board network of a vehicle with a voltage of 12V, and, if necessary, it can be equipped with a voltage converter from 24V to 12V.


Small overall dimensions of the system components allow you to install it even in small cars or motorcycles


3G Video surveillance on transport
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